Our Story

At the heart of Consumer Direct Jewelers is our founder, Allen Lenz. Allen has had a life-long career in jewelry industry as his father was a jeweler. Allen’s very early career included working at the renowned J.B. Hudson Jewelers / Dayton’s Minneapolis. He worked for manufacturing jewelers expanding his talents and growing his natural ability to design precious jewelry.

Allen Lenz established his own business, Creative Jewelry DeZign, in 1981 as a jewelry designer, manufacturer and full-service repair clinic for precious jewelry. Allen was recognized for his abilities to build amazing designs by carving wax models and creating molds to produce jewelry.

In 1998, Allen developed a truly revolutionary concept—Consumer Direct Jewelers. The name aptly describes CDJ’s operation, eliminating all middle-man markups and bringing a tremendous value to consumers. In addition to all the custom design services, Consumer Direct Jewelers continues to offer full-service jewelry repairs.

Allen has continued to expand his professional career with precious stone education as well as CAD (computer-aided design). The major advancements in computer design gives Consumer Direct Jewelers the ability to help clients view models and alter designs immediately on-screen, as well as trying different precious stones and sizes to see exactly how the final piece of jewelry will look.

As technology evolves and advances, so does Consumer Direct Jewelers by offering clients on-line virtual appointment from the comfort of their own home, as well as face-to-face meetings in CDJ’s design studio office.